Prone to Training Injuries? You might need an Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physio

What happens when you cross a doctor with a gym trainer? You guessed it, it’s an Exercise Physiologist or EP. Exercise Physiology is one of the heavily underestimated disciplines in allied health as it is sometimes confused with physiotherapy; however, Exercise Physiology is the study of the body’s response to exercise and sports.

An EP’s work is not only about fitness or getting you in shape, it is more about helping you understand your body, how it deals with various forms of exercise, and how to make good use of that knowledge while avoiding injuries. Unlike physiotherapy, where the therapist relies heavily on hands on treatment of affected areas and injuries, the exercise physio is mainly hands off, which means that the treatment is done by the patient under the guidance of the therapist. Because of this difference between physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, a treatment involving both disciplines working together is ideal for most physical ailments.

But what does an EP actually do? It’s a long list of things, however, we can sum them up as follows:

  • Avoiding and dealing with physical injuries
  • Issues with metabolism
  • Neurological conditions
  • Musculoskeletal, pulmonary, and/or cardiovascular diseases
  • Depression
  • Various mental health conditions
  • Cancer treatments
  • Lifestyle improvements
  • Examination of functional capacity
  • Sports and exercise advise and prescriptions
  • Workplace assessments
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stress tests

The list goes on…

If you are prone to get yourself injured at gym because you tend to over-exert yourself, then you need to consult an exercise physiologist who will help you understand your current limits and assist you in developing strategies to overcome them and reach your physical goals. Don’t hesitate to book one at Family Allied Services here or call us on 0287 726 377.

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