Dry Cupping: Traditional Treatment with Endless Benefits

Dry Cupping

Ever since the world noticed the circular bruises on Michael Phelp’s body in 2016, dry cupping took the spotlight as a traditional, safe, and beneficial alternative treatment for a wide variety of chronic muscle issues. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, cupping is when cups are placed on the skin and then suctioned on, lifting up the skin. This type of treatment has a wide variety of benefits which may seem rather surprising.

It helps blood circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and release toxins

When the skin is suctioned in certain spots, blood rushes to these areas. This extra blood flow helps in relieving muscle tension and repairs cells at a faster rate. This also helps in reducing cellulite. By increasing the blood flow to certain areas, dry cupping also encourages your lymphatic system to flush built-up toxins

It helps reduce anxiety, clear colon blockages, and aid digestion

By gliding the cups across your skin, your therapist helps in activating your parasympathetic nervous system which is in charge of slowing down heart rate and helps you feel relaxed. This gliding activity also increases blood flow to the digestive tract. By gently cupping over your abdomen, the insides of your digestive system are stimulated, which improves digestion and peristalsis, which is pushing food through your system. In turn, this helps in clearing colon blockages and relieves indigestion.

It helps treat asthma and can clear congestion

After a cold or a bout of bronchitis, or even asthma, dry cupping can help clear residual congestion by bringing oxygen-rich blood and lymph to your respiratory muscles and lungs. Cups can be placed on the back or the chest to work, and a gentle gliding can help facilitate movement of lymph fluids through your chest. Also, face cupping may be used to help clear sinuses.

It helps reduce scars

Because cupping helps in releasing toxins and guiding blood flow to areas where it is required, it can help in reducing the appearance of scars or stretch marks. This is also effective to areas which are not even close to where cupping is being applied.

While these are some of the major benefits of dry cupping, research showed even a wider variety of benefits that one can earn from dry cupping therapy. There are also many more benefits to wet cupping and dry needling therapies as well, all of which are available at Family Allied Services. Just give us a call on 0287 726 377 to book you in or book online.

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